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Mule Tack

All our Tack is made in house we take pride in producing products that with a little care will last for years. We use stainless hardware and for almost everything is made with harness leather. Why harness leather harness offers a full thickness and is hot stuffed with more oils and tallows. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is drum dyed for uniform coloring. This leather is durable and able to withstand the elements yet features and smooth, rich cut. It allows the oils we use penetrate through the hides.

We get a lot of questions asking is there a difference between mule and horse tack. The answer is yes and no. The only two products we make in sizes for standard size mules are headstalls and britchen.There is however a size difference between mules and horse's, in the way a headstall fits. Mules come in lots different sizes. Horse headstalls work but there are a lot of mules you see the cheek pieces are right along the mules eye. For that reason we make a mule size with a longer brow band. That way it moves the cheek pieces back away from the eye. Not only does it move it back it lets the bit hang in a more natural way adding comfort for your mule. Not all mules need this check what you have now and see where those cheeks are hanging and you know if you need our mule or horse size Headstall.

Our britchen we make a small, medium and large. The best way to know what size is needed is to measure from center of flank to center of flank around where the butt strap goes.

You have a item you would like to have but we don't have on our site send us a picture and I'll be glad to make it for you.

Thank you for your interest in our products

Roger and Rhonda Adams


Have a blessed day. Jesus loves you

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