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2RMules our heart

From the first mule we ever had we fell in love with them. In1984 I got Jake he had quite the personality, he would stand at the gate to greet me every morning then be there of a afternoon to greet me when I got home from work. When you hauled him every person he saw he would bray at them. We didn't no anything about them just that we really liked them and how they rode.

We did get out of mules for a short time to follow the Lord's leading in ministry. We soon realized we missed our mules and knew we could do both.

After searching for new mules we found just what we wanted. Over time they the mules we had had taught us a lot. With new mules in the pasture we began our search for saddles and tack that were made with the mule in mind. it's at that time God began to put the idea of starting a online mule tack store. But where do we start, we found a local retired guy who made tack and had also made a lot of britchen. From there we're off and running. With our site going live in June of 2010. We started off slow but with help we moved up quickly on the search engine. We were doing great then our guy passed away. Back to square one, but God brought us to a trade show and we meet our next tack maker. From there we expanded our products. I always had a desire to make all our Tack myself, but I had a full time job with employees. When we wrapped up my last construction job in the Florida Keys. I bought a sewing machine and began to practice. Now after 4 years and lots of trial and error I now make all our Tack. Still learning every day and getting better every day. Learning the tricks of the trade. I enjoy every minute of it. So you need something different or special I'm the guy. Custom work is something I love, I've always loved a challenge. In 2021 we made big life chage we purchased 61 acres surrounded by timber land a a large ranch in Clinton AR. We then sold our property I had lived on all my life and moved full time to Clinton Dec of 2022. We have loved every moment of it here. We've made great new friends and found a church that we truly love. We are in the process of building a new home. Which is a first for us. I've built hundreds of homes for others but not us. In the meantime we are living in our RV. It's not that bad. And I can walk out our door and do what I love that's deer hunt.

Need tack for anything from Minies to draft and of course Mules. Let us know we would be honored to be able to make that dream of your perfect tack piece come true.

God bless

Roger and Rhonda


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