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Mule Saddle Pads

Here at 2R Mules we offer two the top of the line saddle pads on the market, 5 Star and Diamond Wool

5 Star Mule Pads

5 Star Contoured Wool Saddle Pads for Mules are Top of the Line. All Natural Materials, 100% virgin Wool. Even weight Distribution and Impact Absorpiton will make for a better ride for you and your Mule. The 5 Star contoured Wool Saddle Pads for Mules are soft and durable easy to clean and made in the USA.


No other saddle pad or saddle blanket is necessary with the 5 Star Contoured Saddle Pad. Double padding creates movement and slippage. This slippage is usually compensated for by over cinching. The contoured fit of our pads means a limited need for cinching with minimal saddle movement. Square cut pads do not follow a horse’s back contour. This can result in unnecessary pressure and improper saddle fit which may cause pain and injury to your horse.


*Contoured with flatter withers, thicker shoulders and flatter back line to fit mules, donkeys and jacks

*Contoured, Conformed Fit
*20% Less Cinching Needed
*All Natural, 100% Wool Felt with 40% MORE Virgin Wool than ANY other 100% Wool Pad
*3X More Compression Protection than Synthetic Neoprene Pads
*Even Weight Distribution & "Impact Absorption
*4X Greater Wicking Ability
*Soft & Durable, Easy Clean-up

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Diamond Wool Mule Pads

Diamond Wool Saddle Pads are 100% wool and are made in the USA. Multiple styles of Diamond Wool Saddle Pads available. We want your mule to have the best, Diamond wool pads are comfortable to your mule. Mules have a unique back and wool pads will help your mule be more comfortable for an enjoyable day for both you and your mule.


*Hand crafted in the USA

*Based on wool felt

*eliminate friction

*help to relieve pressure points

*disperse the weight of the saddle and rider evenly

*reduce slippage due to sweat

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