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Mule 5 Star Pads

The Mule All Around 30"x30"

muleallaround_1 natural.png

Above: Natural Color Pad

5 Star Natural  All Around Mule Pad: 


The All Around 5 Star Pad is a great pad for any discipline you are doing.The 100% pure virgin wool felt wicks away moisture, cleans up easily and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. Wear leathers provide protection and durability. Hand-made in the USA!

Pad Specifications:

  • Mule/Mutton Withered Contour

  • Square Skirt, 30"W x 30"L

  • Colors: Natural, Black, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, 

  • Thickness:  7/8"

At 2R Mules we carry the 7/8 simply because it is a very good all around pad for all your riding needs. If you are looking for another thickness contact us and we will be more than happy to order it in for you.

Left to Right: Black, Natural, Cinnamon,Dark Chocolate


5 Star Colored All Around Mule Pad:

All 5 Star Pads Free Shipping in the USA

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