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5 Star Wool Saddle Pads

5 Star Contoured Wool Saddle Pads for Mules are Top of the Line. All Natural Materials, 100% virgin Wool. Even weight Distribution and Impact Absorpiton will make for a better ride for you and your Mule. The 5 Star contoured Wool Saddle Pads for Mules are soft and durable easy to clean and made in the USA.



No other saddle pad or saddle blanket is necessary with the 5 Star Contoured Saddle Pad. Double padding creates movement and slippage. This slippage is usually compensated for by over cinching. The contoured fit of our pads means a limited need for cinching with minimal saddle movement. Square cut pads do not follow a horse’s back contour. This can result in unnecessary pressure and improper saddle fit which may cause pain and injury to your horse.