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Columbia Mule Days


Columbia Mule Days

We love being a part of Columbia Mule days because it allows us to have that one on one experience with our customer and it gives us a chance to meet some of our Facebook fans. It is because of you that we keep coming back every year.

We had a great year with lots of fun and memories. The 5 Star Mule pad was the biggest seller and everyone loved the new brown Mule Pad that they have come out with. Instead of having the red tint to it, the pad is more of a Hersey Candy bar brown.

As usual the weather is always changing, the day we set up was beautiful, than we had cold rain and wind, one morning at 4 am we had to go to the storm shelter due to severe storms, but Thank the Lord it went around us and on top of all that Roger had to work the booth by himself because I was recovering from pneumonia and didn’t need to be in the damp cool air. He was bone tired every night BUT loved every minute of it. We have already starting make plans for next year.

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Living Blessed

Roger and Rhonda