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5 Star Pads



Place pad and saddle in desired position. Insert your fingers under front of pad and lift saddle slightly so the pad can be raised up into the gullet area of the saddle. Lower the saddle. This will remove any potential wither pressure with any pad.


Simply spray pad with water, rub soiled areas in a circular motion with fingers or a rubber curry comb and hang to dry. A gentle detergent may also be necessary. Do not lay flat on it’s back (upside down). With this reasonable care, pad will last 1500-2000 hours.

5 Star 100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads contain 90% virgin wool and 10% reworked wool giving your animal protection that will last 2,000+ hours with reasonable care. 5 Star’s felt has been made with heat, steam and pressure which eliminates any concerns about shrinkage or distortion as you begin to consider cleaning needs.

Care & Cleaning

  • Equipment: 5 Star Cleaning Sponge, Rubber Fingered Curry, Flat Rubber Curry
  • Prevent dirt and hair build-up on the under side of pad by brushing occasionally. This keeps old hair from trapping dirt & sweat, and embedding deep into the pad.
  • To remove embedded hair and dirt, rotate a dry 5 Star Cleaning Sponge in circular motion on dry pad. Wipe hair off sponge surface with your hand occasionally.
  • For pads with heavy crusted sweat and dirt, break up areas with rubber fingered curry or scrape gently with a dull edged object being careful not to cut the felt. Use a vacuum to remove excess grime and loose material. A brush or a swift slap with your hand may also be used to sweep away dirt and hair.


  • Washing is only necessary after 100+ hours of use or when pad is beginning to feel hard in pressure point zones (shoulder points & loin areas). Avoid using soap, as you will risk leaving soap residue that might irritate the animal.
  • When washing, make every effort to wash pad from the center to outer edges in all directions. Simply hang or hold pad by gullet hole and begin rinsing from the center to outer edges of the pad. Rotate the pad as you rinse so that the dirty water flows outward to all the edges rather than just soaking into the pad. NEVER LAY PAD FLAT AND RINSE, as it only drives dirt and sweat salts into the pad. This is true with any type of pad.
  • Use only enough water to dissolve sweat salts and dirt residue so that they will be carried away in rinse water. Then hang by gullet hole or lay naturally over a rail. DO NOT LAY PAD ON IT’S BACK TO DRY as it will stretch the leather and pull out the inner lacing. After pad is dry, flex pad in the areas that have not softened. This will fluff and loosen the felt which restores optimum compression protection.

ChuckWagon Races 2014

Chuckwagon RacesThis year’s Chuckwagon Races was fabulous for 2Rmules.The crowd was down, but our business was up. We had the honor of spending Thursday with Terry Moore owner of 5Star Pads. Terry empowered Roger and I with great information that confirmed why 5Star Products and Pads are some of the best in the United States and they are proud to [...]

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Summer Fun

Summer FunWow what a crazy few months. I am behind in writing due to a surgery that I had, but all is good and I am back up and running. I even was able to ride my sweet Mollie this past weekendThe month of June we started a Facebook Contest starting with around 670 likes on [...]

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Columbia Mule Days

Columbia Mule DaysWe love being a part of Columbia Mule days because it allows us to have that one on one experience with our customer and it gives us a chance to meet some of our Facebook fans. It is because of you that we keep coming back every year.We had a great year with lots of fun [...]

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Getting Ready to Ride

I know we should not be wishing our lives away, but I am so ready for spring to arrive. It has been in the 80* the past two days and now we are back down to the 40* before you know it summer will be here and we will be complaining about the heat.It’s that time of year to be [...]

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Beautiful Weekend

Roger and I are so very blessed. We spent the weekend with our Daughter( her husband was out of town with a group of his students leading worship at a church in Texas). You know I always thought that when she was a baby that was the most fun, than toddler, than teenage , BUT [...]

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Columbia Tenn

This was our second year for the Columbia Mule Days in Columbia Tn and I must say it was a great success. We were privileged to meet several of our Facebook friends along with getting to meet new faces many from Cananda. The weather is always interesting, we sent up on Tuesday with sleet and [...]

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Our Summer Adventure

  It’s been an interesting summer to say the least. We were thrilled that we attended the 20th Annual Mule Day Event in Shelbyville TN and meet some wonderful people and a great God connection for the 2RMule business (check out our new saddle line and Mossy Oak Camo products).     We also attended a Steve Edwards [...]

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The Journey and the Reasons

What we have been working on for over a year now is finally here.   To be honest it’s a little scary. We have always liked change and a good challenge. Maybe that’s why we were in youth ministry for over 15 years. Now that was a challenge... We have always had a love for horses and mules [...]

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